Sarah Moseley, Sales & Marketing


• Patented modifications reduce fan noise by 50% to 75%. That's a 5 decibel (Db A) reduction for an 80 mm axial fan.

• Excellent noise/airflow ratio. The Cylent Fan does not sacrifice airflow for reduced noise, as most so-called quiet fans do.

• Huge competitive advantage for the buyer, particularly in the computer industry where noise reduction is critical.

• Cylent technology can be applied to axial fans in any industry, including electronics, appliance, climate control, etc, making this a valuable intellectual property that can be extensively exploited.

• Inventor's extensive expertise can be negotiated to provide additional improvements to the patented invention as well as manufacturing know-how to achieve highest value.

• Cylent fan technology does not require complete retooling to get most of the advantages, making it simple and inexpensive to get online and to market.

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