DURMITOR INC specializes in Design-to-Cost engineering to achieve specific cost reduction goals for senior executives who are cross– functionally responsible for profits.

What is Design-to-Cost Engineering?

In Europe, Design-to-Cost is a distinct engineering discipline. The engineering task is to reach a specific cost target. This can be achieved by modifying the design, designing form scratch, re-engineering the tooling, or changing the manufacturing methods. With our out-of-house objectivity, we examine and modify everything, including unstated specifications. With Design-to-Cost, we look at price first, and then at every facet of design an production and its cost impact.


How do you benefit?

Using these techniques, Durmitor has a proven track record of reaching-and in many cases surpassing cost reduction goals for clients. Often we do so while also improving product reliability and quality. This can increase the perceived value of the product in the marketplace– making it more marketable. Clients then benefit from increased sales plus improved margins.

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