DURMITOR INC'S designs and inventions range from high tech, sensitive aeronautical and medical devices to price-conscious, mass produced consumer products, including:

• Catheter immersion text fixture with an adjustable seal
• Laser balloon measuring fixture
• Pneumatic madrel insertion fixture
• Computer controlled planar x-ray tomography machine
• Semiautomatic sheath flaring fixture (Pelican)
• Portable data acquision station
• Mobile cardio-thoracic tomography x-ray unit
• Automatic plastic pipette making machine
• Stent tester
• Catheter drag tester
• Hyperopia module for laser keratomy surgical machine
• Thermal post-processing module for a wafer etcher
• Wafer scrubber
• Photoresist spinner and developer
• Wafer casette loader/unloader
• Wafer etcher vacuum chamber
• Vapor deposition rotary fixture
• Cluster tool central chamber
• High speed laser encoding device
• Dental tomographic x-ray machine

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